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HK-80LP Matala Pond Aeration Kit

HK-80LP Matala Pond Aeration Kit

$ 450.00

Matala EZ Air Kits are the EZ solution to add aeration to your pond.

The MEA8000 Kit is good for ponds up to 8000 gallons. If you have a heavy fish load choose the next size larger. The MEA 8000 Kit includes a Matala air pump HK60L, with a maximum air flow of 82 liters per minute or 2.9 cubic feet per minute. The kit comes with 30 feet of 3/8" black weighted air tubing which does not kink or crush and will stay weighted to the floor of the pond. The kit also includes two of the RD-24 (24" long) straight air hose diffusers which do not exert back pressure on the system so you have the most efficient use of the air flow. All connectors are included to make the installation EZ.

The EZ Air Kits are complete packages ready for EZ installation. Each kit comes complete with Matala Air Pump, Air Diffusers, Sinking Air Hose and all connectors. We take all the guesswork out of aerating your pond.

Use standard Hakko diaphragm kits and magnets to rebuild Matala EZ Air