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Air Tube Diffuser 12"

Air Tube Diffuser 12"

$ 41.95

Our Air Tube Diffusers are designed to be a drop in system. The rubber membrane is wrapped around a hollow PVC tube. It is neutrally bouyant so you may also add small stones to the inner tube to increase weight so it stays put on the bottom of your pond or lake. A plug is available to keep the stones in. The air slots in our tubes are a little larger than other brands at 2mm long each. You get a medium size bubble which does not clog and puts very little back pressure on your system. Rated flow for the 12 inch tube is 1 cfm to 4 cfm. The rated flow for the 24 inch tube is 2 cfm to 8 cfm. The maximum flow is 7 cfm and 14 cfm respectively, for short duration. These tubes are commonly used in waste water treatment systems. Both size tubes only add an additional 12 inches of water pressure to your overall system pressure. This gives you a very low maintenance and effective aeration system.

To clean, simply wipe with a rag and clean water occasionally.